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Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management
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About this website

Managing working capital is a matter of balance. A department must have sufficient cash on hand to meet its immediate needs while ensuring that idle cash is invested to the organization’s best possible advantage. To avoid tipping the scale, it is necessary to have clear and accurate reports on each of the components of working capital and an awareness of the potential impact of outside influences.

This website created by selected Bachelor in Business Administration students namely; Hernan Mayhay, Alberto Tamayo and Bryan Valeroso provides some guidelines to the good management of working capital. This webpage  takes a brief look at the financial management reform program and the legislative requirements for working capital management. 

What we are proud of most in our  webiste is the exciting series of examinatIons carefully designed  for you to test yourselves on  your aptitude regarding working capital management.We hope you would enjoy working with these exams.Try it ......and you will not believe you get it right .

Later chapters offer an overview of working capital management, ratio analysis and describe specific strategies for managing the various components of working capital.Each navigator page  focuses on practical management techniques, providing an indication of what may be required for good management in each area.

If, after surfing this website, you would like more information on any of the topics discussed, the Further Information section at the end of the navigation  bar summary page  lists available resources.

We dedicate this second website to our beloved Financial Management Adviser ; Prof. Jerome Dumlao for his encouragement,kindness and  for his time  teaching us lessons and for the good deeds being shared with us.. Thank you Sir Jay .


We should really have to manage our working capital


"Working capital is the life blood of any business big or small. However, smaller businesses might find it more trying to maintain a comfortable level of capital. Managing working capital is an important factor for them"




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