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Working Capital Management


Working Capital Management
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FIN 361 Working Capital Management

Dr. Ralph Grambo

Spring 2001


The analysis of decisions that constitute the liquidity related (working capital) decisions of the firm. These include the following areas: management of the firm's liquid resources: cash, short term investments, accounts receivable and inventory, management of the firm's access to borrowing, controlling the diverse dimensions of risk, managing the information flows needed to identify performance. This course includes topics and examples of Treasury Management using Enterprise Management Systems [SAP R/3]


Since this course contains a variety of topics the following textbook advice is given:

Basic Text - Required. Essentials of Managerial Finance, Weston Beasley Brigham, 11ed, 1996; or any other edition of this text or similar text that you can use for reference as topics appear throughout the course.

WEB sources Required A large portion of the reading assignments are found as links in this syllabus when viewed with a web browser. Students are responsible for studying these sources and knowing the contents therin.

This course is designed to cover the business procsses used by a typical firm and to show the financial management methods used to support them. The major areas of coverage this semester are:

  1. Business Processes Affecting Corporate Liquidity
  2. Management of Working Capital using SAP
  3. E-commerce and its Working Capital Impacts

The methodology used in this course:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • On-line Tutorials
  • PC Labwork involving
    • Spreadsheet Analysis
    • SAP R/3 Functionality
    • E-Commerce Structures
  • Student Projects and Demonstrations
    • Enterprise System [SAP] Project
    • Online Working Capital Mgt. Project
    • E-Commerce Site Project
Assignment Topic  Things to Do 
Introduction and Lab Shakedown   
  • Business Processes
  • Introduction to Internet Operations
  • Create Your Own Homepage
  • Start a Page for your chosen company
  • Using spreadsheets for Financial Forcasting--LM1.XLS
  • Create Your Own Homepage
  • Logging into SAP and setting User Defaults
The Sales Process
  • Basic Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Concept of Master Records
  • Develop your Homepage by adding graphics
Accounts Receivable Structure and Master Data  Customer Order Management

Information about Posting
Retrieving Account Data
SD and Financial Accounting Integration
Information about Posting
Retrieving Account Data
SD and Financial Accounting Integration
Credit ManagementCredit Management
  • Master Data in Credit
  • Credit control areas
  • Automatic credit limit check
  • blocked transactions
  • Authorizations
  • Account Review
Procurement Procurement
 EXAMPLECreating a Material Master Record
  • Building a Material Master Record
  • The Procurement Process
  • The role of B2B and E-commerce
Cash Budgeting   
  • LM6.XLS
Web Commerce Using Dynamic Web Pages
ASP Scripting
  • Apply Dynamic Page Techniques to your business page

Student Projects   
  • Debug and test your business site
Student Projects   
  • Final SAP Assignment
Student Projects   


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